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1-800-SOS-PAIN connects you with the best chiropractic pain management and rehabilitation clinics in Florida. Our family pain treatment centers & rehab are simply the best for auto accident Injury or other pains you are dealing with such as migraines, fibromyalgia, shoulder, low back or neck pain. With many locations available, we have a leading and compassionate chiropractor near you.

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Auto Accidents

Our pain doctors and chiropractors are specialized in treating car accident injury victims for over 40 years. Learn more.

Neck and Back Pain

For over 40 years we’ve been experts in treating neck and back pain injuries. Learn more.

Slip and Fall

A chiropractor or physician will provide specialized care for those who have suffered slip and fall injuries. Learn more.

Sports Injuries

Our doctors and expert chiropractors treat all types of athletes and help all ages who are suffering from sports injuries. Learn more.

Work Injuries

We’ve specialize in Worker’s Comp Injuries for over 40 years. Learn more.

Other Pain

Our doctors and chiropractors treat all types of injuries and illnesses. We can help you. Learn more.

We Are Florida’s #1 Pain Killer!

Our mission is to get you or those you love a quick and affordable remedy to the pain issue you are dealing with. Our professional network is compassionate, accessible and ready to help you through your time of need.

We have some of the top family chiropractic pain and injury centers in FL and the best chiropractors waiting to help you.

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What patients say about our chiropractic pain clinics and the chiropractors that helped them through their pains.


Marlynns R.
" Undeniably the best chiropractic care I've received to date. So happy to have you as my care team!!! "


Dan L.
" It's been about four months since I started it and I have never felt better. It's really ideal having a pain treatment doctor that knows what he's doing and does it so expertly."


Christina C.
" My car accident took place less than a block from my home. I went to a 1800SOSPain pain center a couple days later. The treatment, the staff & Dr. Tommy was amazing."


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