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Chiropractic Patients Recover Faster, Spend Less Money

Chiropractic Patients Recover Faster, Spend Less Money


chiropractic-work-back-injuryBack pain is an expensive health problem for both patients and businesses. A 2012 study reported that we spend about $635 billion on pain every year, with a significant amount of that spent on back pain. Over the years, quite a few studies have shown that chiropractic care is more effective for back pain than medical care, plus chiropractic patients spend less money on their care than medical patients do.

Because back pain is such a common problem, a group of Canadian researchers recently investigated the role that the type of primary caregiver has on financial compensation.

This was a large study of 5,511 patients who experienced a work-related back injury in Ontario, Canada. The patients saw the following providers for their first visit:

  • 85.3% saw a medical doctor
  • 11.4% saw a chiropractor
  • 3.2% saw a physical therapist

The authors set out to “compare the duration of financial compensation for back pain” among patients from each care group.

The study found that chiropractic patients had the shortest amount of time receiving compensation for their pain and also were less likely to have a recurrence.

In addition, chiropractic patients didn’t need to see other healthcare providers for their pain. 75% of chiropractic patients saw no other provider, while 58.6% of physical therapy patients also saw a medical doctor.

The authors conclude:

“The type of healthcare provider first visited for back pain is a determinant of the duration of financial compensation during the first 5 months. Chiropractic patients experience the shortest duration of compensation, and physiotherapy patients experience the longest.”

Blanchette M, Rivard M, Dionne CE, et al. Association between the type of first healthcare provider and the duration of financial compensation for occupational back pain. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation 2016 Sep 17.

Some Double Tips for Headache Relief

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A headache, when it strikes, is not very pleasant to contend with. It may strike you on a daily basis when you get up or it might be sudden and/or severe. For example, imagine a situation where you have taken your kid outside with plans of a full-fledged picnic just for the two of you. The plan, along with the overjoyed child, may be spoilt because your headache strikes just as you are ready to leave.

There can be innumerable such situations in which headache can disrupt your daily life. The best solution in this condition would be to avoid it in the first place. It can be done by following a few simple steps:

Maintaining a headache diary:

Maintain a headache diary and see what triggers your headache. In some people, noise might be the causative factor while in others it may be an excess of caffeine. So observe what triggers your headache and then avoid that.

Avoiding tobacco or any kind of smoke:

Avoid tobacco or anything to do with it. Smoking is not only injurious to health but it may trigger very bad headaches in those susceptible to smoke.

Taking proper meals:

Have your proper meals at regular intervals of time. Do not skip meals.

Sleeping right:

Go to bed at a proper time each night and try to secure at least eight hours of sleep. However, don’t overdo it as oversleeping is also bad. It is sometimes oversleeping, which may lead to a headache.

Avoiding the sun:

Too much of sun can also give you a headache. So try to avoid going out under a very harsh sun.

Keeping hydrated at all times:

Keep yourself hydrated at all times by having plenty of water and fluids, especially when you are under the sun. Dehydration can also lead to a very bad headache.

Taking alcohol in moderation:

Alcohol causes headaches in several people. So, try to avoid alcohol in the first place.

Avoiding too tight hairstyles:

Women, beware!! Do not wear your hair too tightly in ponytails as that may lead to a tension-type headache.

Keeping your feet warm:

Keep your feet warm, especially during the winters. You can do this by keeping your feet covered. There is no harm in even wearing your socks to bed.

Applying hot and cold packs:

You can use heat and cold to your advantage. With some people, it is the application of a cold pack which gives them relief whereas with others, hot showers and massages. See what works for you and use it.

Letting in enough natural air:

The excess of artificial lighting can trigger a headache in susceptible individuals. See if you are letting in enough natural air and sunshine. Do not subject yourself to stuffy atmospheres and conditions.

Going for regular checkups:

Be under the regular supervision of a doctor and avoid taking medicines on your own. A regular checkup will help you identify a problem at its onset and you could then arrest it effectively.

Leading a healthy lifestyle:

Try to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Avoiding Stress:

Although stress is a part and parcel of every day modern living, do try to minimize it.

These steps would help you arrest your headaches even before they begin. So follow these steps and take good care of yourself.

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How Massage Eases Sciatica in Pinellas Park

How Massage Eases Sciatica in Pinellas Park

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Massage used to be an activity reserved for luxury in costly spas and healthcare clinics for the wealthy. Erase low back painThat is, until science and alternative medicine discovered its numerous health benefits. Now massage therapy is offered as part of the spectrum of treatment even covered by many health insurance plans.

About Pinellas Park Massage

Licensed massage therapists rub, apply pressure, and manipulate your ligaments, joints, muscles, and tendons. They may lightly stroke or apply deep pressure to areas of your body like your back, neck, and upper extremities as well as your lower extremities. Common types of massage include:

Trigger Point Massage

Tight muscle fibers form in your muscles from overuse or injury. For example, a massage therapist may focus on areas around the neck if someone often sits at a desk to perform work.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is meant to relax and energize. The massage is gentle, with the therapist using deep circular movements, long strokes, light kneading, tapping, and vibrations. Swedish massages are excellent for people under constant amounts of high stress.

Deep Massage

As the name suggests, deep massage aims for the deeper layers of muscle in the body using slow, forceful strokes. This type of massage does wonders for people suffering from muscle damage due to injury.

Sports Massage 

Sports massages are given to either treat or prevent an athletic injury, and are similar to Swedish massages.

Benefits of Pinellas Park Massage

Massage is increasingly offered as treatment for a range of acute and chronic medical conditions. Studies have revealed the benefits of massage therapy as an effective means to reduce both psychological and physical conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Injury due to a car accident
  • Injury due to a work accident
  • Digestive conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Soft tissue strains
  • Sports injuries
  • Slips and falls
  • Temporomandibular joint pain

Sciatica Sufferers

Massage therapy particularly helps those suffering with sciatica in Pinellas Park. Sciatica can cause shooting pain, numbness, and tingling down your lower back and into your leg when the sciatic nerve is irritated or inflamed. The condition often begins as a result of a lower back issue. Massage therapy along with a course of chiropractic treatment can help to relieve sciatica pain in Pinellas Park.

Here are some suggestions for how sciatica suffers can get the most out of massage treatment:

  • Routinely stretch the muscles the therapist worked loose. Stretching will relieve the nerve compression on those targeted muscles and thus relieve pain and symptoms.
  • Focus on stretching the hamstrings as well.
  • Drink water. Stay hydrated after your massage session. Your muscles and body need water to heal and function at optimum levels.
  • Do not sit for too long.
  • Do not sit crooked or with a wallet or cell phone in your pocket causing your posture and spine to misalign.
  • Discuss heating and icing with your massage therapist or chiropractor.

Risks of Pinellas Park Massage

As beneficial as massage can be, it is not appropriate for people with certain medical conditions. Discuss the option of massage treatment with your healthcare professional if any of the following conditions apply to you:

  • Blood disorder
  • Prescribed blood-thinners
  • Burns
  • Unhealed or open wounds
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Fractures
  • Osteoporosis
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy
  • Unexplained pain

You might feel a little sore after a massage treatment. Even so, a good massage therapist should not be causing much pain or discomfort during the massage. Tell them if they are hurting you, or seek a new therapist. Applying too much pressure can harm you.

Local Massage Therapists Are Available

Gulf Coast Rehabilitation and Wellness Center offers massages for $39 from a licensed and fully trained therapist. We serve Pinellas Park, Clearwater, and St. Pete to offer relaxation, headache relief, lower blood pressure, sciatica and fibromyalgia relief, and a host of other benefits. 

Our massage therapist offers a combination of therapeutic massage techniques. She customizes your massage treatment according to your health and wellness needs and can focus on:

  • deep tissue
  • Swedish
  • neuromuscular
  • pregnancy
  • sports
  • reflexology

All massage sessions are either 60-minute or 30-minute increments. Before you begin, our licensed massage therapist will provide a brief consultation to discuss your treatment needs, goals, and expectations.

Schedule a Massage

Take control over your sciatica, fibromyalgia or other issue threatening your health and well-being. Call (727) 541-2520 or email us today to schedule your massage appointment. We offer evergreen gift cards that never expire. You may complete our massage intake form and office policy before your first appointment if you desire.

Incredible Facts About Our Chiropractic Pain Management Clinic.

Incredible Facts About Our Chiropractic Pain Management Clinic.

1 800 sos pain are chiropractic care physicians. And we likely have a local pain management clinic near you for pain relief or pain treatment. We have chiropractic pain management clinics in Clearwater, New Port Richey, Pinellas Park, St Petersburg and Tampa Florida....

The Migraine Headache: Definition, Causes and Cures

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More than 30 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches which can be classified as severe and often disabling headaches. A typical migraine headache will give a warning sign before its onset, such as tingling in your limbs, seeing blind spots or flashing lights. You will know when you are experiencing a migraine headache because they are accompanied by most, if not all of the following symptoms. Severe pain either on one side or both sides of the head, pulsing head pain, worsening head pain with any activity, nausea or vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, and not being able to function regularly. While seeing flashing lights or blind spots are a common warning sign of a migraine, some sufferers experience these symptoms throughout the entire duration of their headache. This is classified as a classic migraine and, along with the above conditions, the person will also experience weakness and speech problems along with zigzagging lines in their eyes. If a migraine is left untreated, the pain can last from four to 72 hours, which can cause huge disturbances in a person’s normal life.

Although doctors are not 100 percent sure what causes migraines to occur, there are something’s that are known to trigger these headaches. These include, fluctuations in hormones; many women claim that their migraines worsen just before a period or during menopause and pregnancy. Certain foods can also trigger migraines, such as alcohol, cheese, chocolate, aspartame and caffeine which is found in coffee, tea, chocolate and most soft drinks. To avoid migraines as best you can, try keeping a diary of the foods you eat and record how they made you feel afterwards. After a couple of weeks doing this you should be able to see what foods that are triggers for you, therefore telling you which foods to avoid. Other triggers can include stress, changes in the environment and certain medications.

To prevent migraines try avoiding trigger foods, as well as exercise regularly, cutting down on estrogen producing drugs if you are a woman, and quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. All of these things can help you avoid migraines.

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How the Uniqueness of Pinellas Park Chiropractic Care Helps After a Car Accident

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How the Uniqueness of Chiropractic Care Helps

After a Car Accident

Do not allow your car accident injuries – whether you are suffering from headaches, or neck and back pain – to control your life. Take back your power using the uniqueness and safety of chiropractic care. 

Unique Combinations That Work

The great thing about chiropractic care is that when it is provided in conjunction with other treatments, it has been proven to be vastly effective in treating injuries caused by auto accidents or other incidents.

The healthcare professionals at Gulf Coast Rehabilitation and Wellness Center offer combinations of treatments so you receive the benefits of overall wellness. Along with spinal manipulation and traditional chiropractic care, other treatment methods include:

  • Spinal and Postural Screenings – Your spine can reveal a lot about your state of wellbeing and health. Gulf Coast Rehabilitation and Wellness Center offers screenings at health fairs, job sites, malls, and community events. Call to arrange a screening.
  • Massage Therapy – Massage by our licensed massage therapist helps balance the muscles and relieve stress and tension. Massage therapy is used to complement chiropractic care.
  • Nutritional Counseling – Chiropractors understand that in order for you to achieve total health and balance, you need nutritional supplements and a guide for making healthy food choices. At our Pinellas Park chiropractic clinic, we provide you with an individualized nutritional program.
  • Lifestyle Coaching – Our healthcare professionals will discuss with you how to avoid certain behaviors such as slouching or overuse/incorrect use of heating pads or increase other behaviors such as sitting for shorter periods of time to minimize your pain caused by your specific condition.
  • Corrective Exercises – Specific exercises and stretches shorten recovery time after an injury by strengthening the muscles.

The best results of treatment arise from integrating chiropractic care with nutrition, rehabilitative therapies, massage and others. Plus, you will find that you and others receiving comprehensive chiropractic care enjoy treatment, especially once you start to feel better than you have in months or even years.

Gulf Coast Rehabilitation and Wellness Center continues to add the latest therapies available to their menu of offerings, with several on the horizons including weight loss management and hormone reparative therapy. In this way, the center takes advantage of new and beneficial treatment discoveries so you receive the most state-of-the-art care for your auto accident or other injuries.

In Office X-Rays

If you see a chiropractor who does not or has not taken x-rays after your car accident injury, do not schedule with them. Good chiropractors have the ability to x-ray right there in the office not only for your convenience, but also so that they can immediately rule out any serious issues before providing any treatment. An in-office x-ray is also produced within minutes so there is no waiting for an x-ray report like with hospitals or some physicians’ offices. A chiropractor cannot adequately discover or diagnose your condition without first investigating to get a picture of your current health status. An x-ray is a big piece of that puzzle.

Call Us to Experience the Uniqueness of Chiropractic Care

To reach the fullest of your health potential, chiropractors see the greatest success from patients who take advantage of a combination of chiropractic methods. Every case is unique, which is why chiropractors offer a unique combination of care so there is a treatment plan available for everyone to suit individual needs.

Seek medical treatment after a car accident. Choose a chiropractor whom you are comfortable with and who adequately meets your treatment and scheduling needs. All consultations are risk free, and our staff will thoroughly cover any of your treatment concerns. A qualified and experienced chiropractor will safely rule out any serious injury after your auto accident in Pinellas Park or St. Pete, while also using a variety of modalities to help the body heal itself along with manipulation.

The medical professionals at Gulf Coast Rehabilitation and Wellness Center have over 40 years’ experience treating car accident injuries including headaches and neck and back pain. Their number one goal is to return you to a pain-free and healthy life through safe, natural, and effective treatment. Call (727) 541-2520 or visit http://gulfcoastrehab.us/ to discover how chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, or other therapies available in Pinellas Park can help with your car accident injuries.

Headaches After a Car Accident? Chiropractic Can Help

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Headaches After a Car Accident? Chiropractic Can Help

Did your headaches begin after your car accident in Pinellas Park or St. Pete? Your migraine or other sort of headache may have started immediately or months later.

Now your life consists of pain and a loss of productivity. You are less able to enjoy life and feel you are missing out. Medication wears off or isn’t effective enough, and your primary doctor has not found anything wrong through x-rays or other testing.

You are not doomed to spend your days with a headache. Treatment is available.

Headache Treatments

Forget popping pills for treatment. The effects of medication are temporary and can have life-altering side effects, especially when taken over a long period of time. Medication merely covers over your pain and does not treat the root of the problem.

Did you know natural and safer treatment exists? Researchers are taking notice. A recent publication supported the effectiveness of acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and chiropractic care to treat migraines and other types of headaches, even those caused by car accidents. Patients reported less headaches and a decrease in severity over a year of regular treatment.

The take away: Chronic headaches are treatable, but do require a course of treatment over a period of time. You might balk at the thought of treating with a chiropractor for a year, but what if that treatment could mean 22 days without headaches for the same year? That adds up to almost a month of no pain! These were the results of the study, and researchers further found patients undergoing natural treatment missed fewer days of work, used less medication to treat their headaches and thus experienced fewer side effects, and even had fewer visits to their primary care doctor’s office. The key is prevention.

Spinal manipulations restore the spine to health. Alignment allows for you to gain back your range of motion while removing any interferences with nerves caused by subluxation. Once the spine is restored, muscles and other soft tissues are no longer tight and inflamed. So why so many visits to the chiropractor? The spinal correction to the neck and back through adjustments must be maintained and repeated so all parts stay in place and do not shift back out of balance. This treatment takes time.

Watch Out for Headache Triggers!

While undergoing chiropractic treatment for your headache, you may experience some triggers that keep the pain coming back. Some triggers like stress and certain odors are common knowledge, but others like certain foods and menstrual periods are less known. Here’s a list to help you avoid headache triggers: 

Tip: Track your headaches in a log so you can pinpoint whether certain foods, weather patterns, or moods effect your head pain.

  • Unpleasant emotions like anxiety, depression, irritation, and disappointment can cause a headache.
  • MSG or monosodium glutamate is a chemical used to enhance flavor in packaged foods and causes headaches. Also avoid amino acid tyramine found in cheddar and brie and pickled foods; as well as nitrate, a chemical used to preserve meats like hot dogs.
  • Poisons like lead and insecticides cause headaches.
  • Bad posture can lead to spinal subluxation and headaches.
  • Strong odors or scents like colognes and perfumes can trigger a headache. Do not bathe in these chemicals and avoid others who do. Instead, opt for a little of your favorite essential oil mixed with a carrier oil like organic coconut oil. These substances are natural, safe, and are linked with lifting moods and other benefits. Some essential oils are even said to reduce headaches!

Call Us for Headache Treatment

Always seek medical treatment right away after a car accident, especially if you experience headaches. Choose a chiropractor whom you are comfortable with and who adequately meets your treatment and scheduling needs. All consultations are risk free, and our staff will thoroughly cover any of your treatment concerns. A qualified and experienced chiropractor will safely rule out any serious injury after your auto accident in Pinellas Park or St. Pete, while also using a variety of modalities to help the body heal itself along with manipulation so that you don’t experience a worsening or continuing headache.

The medical professionals at Gulf Coast Rehabilitation and Wellness Center have over 40 years’ experience treating car accident injuries including headaches. Their number one goal is to return you to a pain-free and healthy life through safe, natural, and effective treatment. Call (727) 541-2520 or visit http://gulfcoastrehab.us/ to discover how chiropractic care, medical weight loss, or other therapies available in Pinellas Park can help with your car accident injuries.