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Tampa Neck And Back Pain

Whatever the cause of your neck and back pain, we can help you find Tampa pain relief. And we can help you find it quickly by providing you with the best pain doctors in the local Tampa area who painstakingly do everything they possibly can to help you through the process. Poor posture, herniated disc, pinched nerve, slipped disc, lower left back pain and neck pain are generally treatable. No reason to worry because in most cases the pain you are going through can be managed, and often be made to completely disappear.

Living with severe back and neck pain can make life dull, unemployable and lead you to lose out on important opportunities and experiences you deserve to be having daily.. Pain in your neck and back can be particularly hard to deal with because it is usually invisible and only known to the victim. Those close to you, and others at your work may not fully understand this pain that they themselves can’t see but you feel.

The cases of upper back pain and shoulder pain have risen exponentially with the advent of computers in the workplace. These discomforts can make you unable to work efficiently, cause you to lose sleep, and limit what you’re able to do day-to-day. Most sufferers don’t realize these types of strain can be treated effectively with a little effort.

Left untreated, pain in these regions can become more serious, causing chronic or severe health problems in the future.

Neck and back pain is often caused by trauma or a sudden injury, but can also occur through strain or even something as simple as poor posture over time. It’s time to let the 24-hour professionals at 1-800-SOS-PAIN (1-800-767-7246) get you the help you deserve.

The staff and chiropractor are wonderful and always pleasant. I feel that they really take an interest in my health and well being.

Andrear G.

Would you like to reclaim your life without the pain? Free of neck and back pain? Then get your risk-free consultation. You’ll get a thorough examination to help pinpoint your problem areas so that we are better able to proceed with a plan custom-tailored to your pain and health needs. This comprehensive plan will be made with you, taking into account your medical history, any previous injuries you may have sustained to your neck and back in the past, as well as take in account your current body pain issues. Our highly-trained staff will guide you through the steps necessary to alleviate this thing we call pain, and together we will develop a pain treatment plan suited to your particular issues.

I came to chiropractic because I was having headaches that would cause enough pain that I would have to leave work. After my second visit to the doctor, I haven’t had headaches for over 2 years.

Jack M.

We will be on your team and also discuss with you and help facilitate lifestyle changes that you can make to facilitate and help in this process. Our doctors excel in diagnosing and treating a multitude of different types of neck and back injuries and we will set a course for with you to find the pain relief you are seeking. Why go another day suffering in silence? Call the Tampa pain experts at 1-800-SOS-PAIN (1-800-767-7246) to begin living without neck and back pain, reclaim your quality of life, and get back to doing what you love to do.

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Marlynns R.
" Undeniably the best chiropractic care I've received to date. So happy to have you as my care team!!! "


Dan L.
" It's been about four months since I started it and I have never felt better. It's really ideal having a pain treatment doctor that knows what he's doing and does it so expertly."


Christina C.
" My car accident took place less than a block from my home. I went to a 1800SOSPain pain center a couple days later. The treatment, the staff & Dr. Tommy was amazing."


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