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Tampa Pain And Injuries

Have you been injured or are you suffering from physical pain in Tampa, FL? The good news is that you have found a leading pain referral network in Tampa, Florida and we help people just like you find the pain treatment and pain relief you are seeking.

1-800-SOS-PAIN (1-800-767-7246) is the cure. Literally, the pain stops here!

If you have any physical pain whatsoever including migraine headaches 1-800-SOS-PAIN can help you find pain relief.

The unpleasantness you feel with pains in your body, muscles, and joints is caused by sensory neurons in your brain. How you perceive this pain also adds to the degree of suffering. Perception tells us the where we are feeling pain, how bad it is, and also what may be causing it.

There are many different examples and reasons that you may be feeling pain but it is very important for you to understand that the pains you feel can most likely be treated or minimized.

Did you play sports in your childhood and receive a head injury resulting in migraines? Do you get painful migraine headaches that just will not go away. Do you run to a dark place and put the pillow over your head when you have things you must get done when you get a headache. Are you sensitive to light and loud noises that make you want to scream?

However small or large the cause of your pain it is now the time to take action and fight against it. Everyone deserves to live without physical pain and headaches are the worst.

Do you just live with the pain or does your significant other keep telling you its all in your head or you just going to have to suck it up because we have kids? This is an attitude many have adopted but does not support the highest quality of life you are meant to live.

Whether you have minor aches and pains that keep you from walking in the evening at sunset, jogging with your dog or participating in that marathon you have dreamed about completing 1-800-SOS-PAIN can assist you in increased mobility as well as provide pain relief to your ailments.

The staff and chiropractor are wonderful and always pleasant. I feel that they really take an interest in my health and well being.

Andrear G.

It’s possible that you don’t know the nature of your pain, but you experience physical pain every day and you are seeking pain relief without narcotics. You may want to go the all natural route to pain treatment and pain relief or you may want help from some of the best pain doctors in Tampa, Florida. Whatever, your reason is, we are here to assist you through your journey.

We promise that living with your pain is not the answer to anything but more pain and possibly something even worse down the road because you let it go too long. If you do not act now this will keep you from the life you deserve, one you could be enjoying every day pain-free.

You don’t have to live with the physical pain that so many others choose to live with. You have found your best option. Now it is your time to act!

I came to chiropractic because I was having headaches that would cause enough pain that I would have to leave work. After my second visit to the doctor, I haven’t had headaches for over 2 years.

Jack M.

Simply, living with pain can diminish your quality of life and in some cases those who live with you. Often times we let pain rule over where we go, how hard we play and how much we love..

Being happy and doing the things you love should not be determined by the impending migraine or agonizing aches and pains you feel daily. Maybe you have had to stop enjoying something you love and you want to get that loving feeling back.

Is physical pain keeping you from being the person you once were?

Start your recovery today.

Call our Tampa 24-hour helpline at 1-800-S0S-PAIN (1-800-767-7246) or simply file our “Get Your Risk-Free Consultation” and we will quickly get you the help you deserve.

Marlynns R.
" Undeniably the best chiropractic care I've received to date. So happy to have you as my care team!!! "


Dan L.
" It's been about four months since I started it and I have never felt better. It's really ideal having a pain treatment doctor that knows what he's doing and does it so expertly."


Christina C.
" My car accident took place less than a block from my home. I went to a 1800SOSPain pain center a couple days later. The treatment, the staff & Dr. Tommy was amazing."


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